What happens if you don't clean gutters?

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The function of gutters in any home is to carry water away to a suitable drainage area. If due to some reason the gutters remain un-cleaned it may cause overflow of water onto the building and its foundation. Neglecting the gutters might make your home look trashy. It will lead to a significant amount of expenses and damages around your house. Hence should be dealt with an expert gutter cleaning technician in Madison that keeps your home safe & secure. However constant neglect will cause several problems for homeowners. To mention few are as follows.

Foundation damage

Un-clean gutters cause overflows of water. The overflow of water can soften the soil under and around the foundation. It may lead the foundation that cause heaving or cracks. In extreme cases, it may also cause structural failure in a building.

Rotted wood

Clogged gutters trapped the rainwater. With the time the water may soak by its adjacent areas. It may cause damages especially to wood at adjacent regions. Hence provides a natural point of access for rodents.

Roof Leaks

If gutters are not cleaned properly contributes to the building of ice during the winter. This melted snow perhaps will not drain off the roof properly. Often, that water drifts into the house and result in ceiling leaks, wall leaks, and dampness in the attic.

Insect infestation

The debris in gutters, with some dampness, became a suitable habitat for insects. It might be a reason that leads to attracting insect’s infestation within the home. Also, it will cause damaging pests infestation like wood-eating insects, carpenter ants and much more.

Basement Leaks

Just as clogged gutters not only damage a building's foundation but also soaked by the basement and walls of the structure. With the time the water makes its way into the basement walls. It will cause black mold, smells and even water damage and might result in mass expenses to fix in future.


Make sure you’re working with a trusted gutter cleaning company like Madison Window Services ensuring that your gutters are thoroughly clean. We never neglect our job and make sure you’re working with experienced professionals. Our gutter cleaning service in Madison offers an excellent solution that not only save your building from significant damages but save you from substantial expenses as well. For more information about our service Gutter Cleaning Madison visit us our website!

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