Top Myths Revolving Around Window Films

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Window film has several benefits for home and business owners, so we’re never surprised when we get positive feedback from our clients. However, there remain some horrible misconceptions that usually turn people away from window filming in general. Don’t let these below-listed misconceptions stop you from choosing a quality window film Madison that can save money & increase your overall comfort. 

Film applied to glass can cause thermal breakage:

Film applied to glass as per manufacturer’s specification will never cause thermal breakage. Only if the glass isn’t manufactured or installed according to the industry standard can cause thermal damage. To support this fact, some window film suppliers even provide a 5-year thermal breakage warranty that includes glass & film replacement.

Window film will kill my house plants:

If you love the plants in your house & are concerned that window film may harm them, take heart. Window films obstruct ultraviolet rays but not the blue and red rays that plant requires to survive. Also, window film helps in regulating room temperatures & humidity. It, in fact, helps in developing a stable setting for your plants by reducing extreme sunlight.

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