How The Dirty Windows In Your Home Can Make You Sick

Published on by Madison Window Services

Of all the reasons we love having clean windows, one of the lesser-known is that by maintaining the cleanliness of our windows, we can avoid catching certain diseases. 

How dirty windows can affect the inside of your house?

Flu, cold, and allergies are generally started by exposure to viruses, and you’ll be surprised to know that when we have our windows cleaned, the virus load in our house is lowered significantly. Clean windows let more light, especially UV light into our house. That sort of light is a sterilizer that can slaughter some bacteria that’s already in your home. According to research rooms with windows that let a decent amount of UV light in have lesser viruses and bacteria floating around. Filthy windows can decrease the amount of natural light by about forty percent. 

Frequent window cleaning in Madison helps eradicate the dust that accumulates and lures dust mires which, because of their feces that’s left behind can trigger allergic reactions. 

Seasonal Affective Disorder is yet another reason why you should keep your windows clean, particularly during the winter. There’re thousands of people who get affected by this mood disorder because of the reduced amount of light in their homes. Clean windows that let forty percent more natural light in is an excellent way to alleviate this mood disorder. 

How dirty outside windows can affect your health?

If you have not had your outside windows cleaned on a regular basis, mold & mildew can build up, when this occurs, their spores can get into your house allowing germs, which can lead to illness. 

When birds “bomb” your windows, they’re leaving behind the probability of up to sixty different diseases, such as respiratory disease, yeast infection, and illness that’s associated with respiratory conditions & allergies. 

Obviously, regular cleaning of your windows is no cure for all the diseases you contact, but it is a nice place to start. 

Having clean windows inside & outside your house not only looks nice but there’re many health benefits you and your family can enjoy. Window cleaning in Madison can be a monotonous task, especially if your house has so many windows. Fortunately, window cleaning professionals like Madison Window Services are always there to help. Using a cleaning firm that specializes in window cleaning in Madison is the best way to remove mold, debris, and dirt from the windows, making your house a safe & hygienic environment to live in.

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