How Beneficial Is Soft Washing in Madison

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Soft washing is a cleaning method that employs a low-pressure washing technique alongside a mixture of bleach, water, surfactants, and algaecides, to safely clean outer surfaces of organic stains, algae, and mildew.

Soft washing and power washing – what’s the difference?

Though soft washing and power washing look identical they all employ different methods, tools, chemicals, and pressure. Power washing & pressure washing employ a much more powerful water pressure in comparison to soft washing and power washing is usually conducted with much hotter water than a pressure cleaning. The soft washing technique is combined with a decomposable disinfecting cleaning solution to abolish the mildew, mold, algae, fungus, moss, bacteria, and more.

When should you use soft washing in Madison?

You should use soft washing on surfaces that are infamously difficult to get clean with pressure or would be damaged if high pressure used on them. These surfaces could be your roof shingles, windows, wood paneling, screens, etc.

Why your roof need soft washing instead of hard washing?

Algae is prevalent on roofs and usually leaves black spots all over your shingles. This element booms in humidity & hot temperature, having a negative effect on your roof. It nourishes the humidity that specific kinds of shingles hold on to. When the roof is affected by algae, it starts to lose its capability to reflect Ultra Violet rays and ultimately decays the shingles. This has been believed to affect roofs badly and can take about ten years off the life of a roof. Professional soft washing in Madison is the best way to efficiently get rid of this algae without causing any damage to the shingle and voiding any warranty. The roofing manufacturers suggest low-pressure bleach or detergent aided washing as the best method for cleaning asphalt roofs to prevent damage to the shingles.

On the contrary, pressure washing your roof even at low pressure can void your warranty and prompt granular loss. This denotes that the reliability of the roof will be compromised because of damage from the extreme water pressure. Moreover, power washing merely scrubs the surface of the roof without removing the root systems that have grown in, around, and under the tiles.

The soft washing method gets rid of all plant, bacterial and fungal life and any grime and dirt from the roof safely, getting back to its original color with no danger of damage to the roofing materials.

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