How Regular Window Cleaning Increase the Lifespan of Your Home’s Windows

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Does regular window cleaning in Madison actually increase the durability of the windows in your home? The answer is a big yes!

Window glass consist of an absorbent surface that’s affected by the elements. Residential or domestic windows are exposed to a wide range of pollutants, both from the inside and outside of the home. It is vital to get your windows cleaned in regular interval, at least two times a year as general upkeep.  Letting grime, dirt and other pollutants to sit longer on your home’s windows can trigger problems and actually decrease their durability. 

Impacts of pollutants on window glass:

Windows accrue dirt, grime and grit on both interior and exterior glass. Pollutants range from plain old dirt to salt water spray, minerals, rust, air contaminants, and nicotine from indoor smoking. When these pollutants are left on the windows, gradually, they can wear down the glass causing etching, ruptures, and other problems. 

Regular window cleaning is equal to less wear & tear:

Let’s take one very common household chore as example! If you ignore vacuuming your carpets daily, generally once or two times a week, it wears out quickly. You’ve to get rid of the everyday build-up of dirt, grime, hair, and other pollutants or you’ve to replace the carpet every few years as it wears out. Windows are no exception! Regular and professional window cleaning in Madison keeps the dirt from piling and that reduces the wear & tear, leading to improved durability. 

Overlooked windows & insulation problems:

When condensation develop on the inside of your windows, it can be an insulation problem or worn out seals from the build-up of dirt & grime. The windows have to be cleaned to carry on to function correctly. If you avoid window cleaning just because of it is a time consuming task, the problems can start to increase. Dirt & debris accumulates in the sliding tracks of overlooked windows making it tough to open & close. Also, pollutants will build up on hinges and can hinder operation as well. Over time, these problems can prompt damage and reduce the lifetime of the windows itself. 

Generally, window manufacturers suggest that most windows need to be replaced after they have been in operation about twenty years. However, because of neglect or other problems, some windows may need to be replaced earlier. 

Clean windows undoubtedly revitalize a home letting more light in, help improve curb appeal, and make sure their energy efficiency stays at its peak. Depend on pro window cleaning company like Madison Window Services to keep your home’s windows looking fabulous and lasting for years. Schedule your home’s window cleaning in Madison with us now!

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