What Are the Different Types of Window Film Available For Your Home?

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Many commercial and residential property owners in Madison have discovered the advantages of installing window film. Here we are going to discuss about the different types of window films in Madison and their benefits.

Neutral window film:

If your house has plenty of shiny or reflective surfaces, a neutral residential window film can aid. These window films give 99 percent UV protection from injurious sun rays while also decreasing glare & softening glossy surfaces. Another advantages of neutral window film is that the film isn’t readily apparent when applied. You’ll still relish a decent amount of healthy sunshine with a softer glow. 

The most common reason to install neutral film is to safeguard your artwork, wood furnishing and upholstered items from sun damage or fading. 

Dual reflective window film:

If you are looking for the ultimate in residential privacy, then dual reflective window film can be your best option. It produces a somewhat reflected, glossy effect for anybody looking at your windows from the outside in the daytime. You will still get to see what is outside since only the exterior side has a higher reflective surface. Expect a really drastic, unique look that can be pretty visually attractive when covering landscapes. 

This type of window film is available in different shades & specifications that’ll allow from 15 percent to 35 percent of light penetration. Irrespective of the amount of privacy you select, you still enjoy great glare reduction. This film balances hot spots in your house that add to your energy bill or overload your HVAC system. Also it proffers privacy throughout the day. 

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Spectrally selective film:

This sort of window film is the ultimate in technology. It’s accurately designed to reject solar energy while being practically invisible and letting in the utmost amount of visible light. There’s no perceptible film shading or reflectivity, so you can maintain an unhindered view of your landscape while also decreasing glare & solar heating. 

As an engineered material, the above-mentioned window films possess a broad spectrum of specifications to select from when purchasing. These encompasses the level of heat rejection, the amount of film tint, and the range of VLT (visual light transmission).

For proper installation of window film in Madison, always chose a professional service provider like Madison Window Services. Get in touch with us now for a free quote and start relishing a home with window film that’s cooler, features more privacy, and safeguards the investments you have made in your interior furnishings.

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