Top Reasons To Install Privacy Window Film In Your Madison Home

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With privacy concerns on the rise, people are taking greater interest in preserving their privacy. One way to do so is by installing window film in your home. Give this post a read, to find out the top reasons to install privacy window film in your Madison home.


Privacy window film makes your home safer. It not only limits how much people can see inside your home, but it also provides another layer of protection should a break-in occur.

Film is coated onto glass to strengthen it and protect it from shattering. Certain types of film, like security or safety film, are especially useful on your bedroom windows, garage windows and front-facing windows. Film can provide additional protection for your children's rooms.

Less glare:

Window film reduces glare by 50 percent or more. The darker the tint, the more reduction in glare you can expect.

Energy savings:

Window films can reduce heat entering your home by as much as 80 percent. They protect not only your skin and eyes from harmful UV rays but also work to make your HVAC more energy efficient and save you money on your energy bills. The exact amount you can save depends on many variables such as the type of film, the direction of your home, trees in the way, etc.

Improved appearance:

Window films are available in a variety of colors and offer varying levels of privacy, from clear shades to very dark ones. Your home will look better from the inside and outside, too.

Less fading:

These films block up to 99% of UV rays, which reduces fading of furniture and light and heat exposure.

Less heat:

Privacy films help keep the heat out of your house by reducing the amount of heat that transfers through your windows. Compared to their untreated counterparts, films can decrease heat by as much as eighty percent. They also help in cooling down the hotter sunny areas of your home and control hot spots.

Films can bring you numerous benefits, and they do so at a low price. Installation is usually done quickly and leaves little mess behind. Most jobs are completed within a day; larger jobs, however, may take longer. Professional installation won't disrupt your work schedule or daily routine.

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