Questions That Need To Be Answered By Your Madison Window Washing Company

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We all wish our homes to look their very best and having sparkly windows is the most critical part of it. However, window washing Madison is not always the easiest of tasks. If you can’t afford the time or don’t have the skill, it is wise to hire someone to do it for you. However, hiring the right window cleaning service can be a tough job as well. Read on for these below listed questions to ask when looking for a professional window cleaning service in Madison. 

Do they have license & insurance to clean windows?

Any window cleaning professional without a valid license & insurance are not worth considering. Without proper insurance in place, if a worker gets injured during the work, you could be responsible for the medical bill. You won’t have cover for any damage they might do to your property either. It could end up costing you big. 

Before signing the dotted line ask for proof of their insurance and license, and also check if they’ve workers’ compensation. You must do this due diligence to save yourself from the stress of an expensive court case if the worst occurs. Only consider window cleaning firms that won’t cut coroners on liability.

What type of services do they offer?

This is a very simple question to ask to set your expectations from your chosen window washing company. You wish to be very clear on the window washing service you will avail & what is on offer. 

Does the company provide exterior window cleaning, or interior surfaces as well? What kind of tools and supplies they use, and do they provide power cleaning options? Do they offer any extra services like house washing and gutter cleaning? 

Think what you want from the service provider in as much detail as you can. The more thorough you’re, the better idea you will get of what you are signing up for and how much value you will get for the money you are investing. 

Are there any references to check?

The best way to confirm if a window washing firm is worth your time is by looking at reviews or testimonials. Find out what their previous and present customs have to say about their window washing in Madison. You can easily avail testimonials on search engines like Yelp, Google and Facebook. Also you can search the company’s website for given testimonials. Any dependable window washing companies will have a list of client reviews or testimonials.

Do their employees get ongoing safety training?

You mightn’t believe it but window washing in Madison can be a risky affair. With more than 164,000 emergency room treatments for ladder falls every year in the United States, safety is critical. Ensure that your potential window washing firm is strict regarding safety. Ask them if they offer ongoing safety training to their employees. A professional window cleaning company must not hesitate to walk you through what they do to keep you & as well their workers safe. 

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